Technical Partners


DAN MAIKARFI CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED obtains Technical assistance in various areas of specialization from the following Companies. Though Dan Maikarfi is not into partnership with any of these Companies, Dan Maikarfi maintains good trade and working cooperation and both enjoy a great deal of goodwill working together.

TEX ATC Services, UK

Field of specialization is Fabrication of ATC Cab, consoles etc.

IHC Holland NV

Manufacture & Supply of Dredges Work Boats,Tugboats,Floating Pipes,General Marine Equipment and Provider of technical Support.

Wilco Manufacturing LLC, USA

Manufacturer and Supply of Dredges and Large Earthmoving Equipment and provider of technical support

Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co. USA

Field of specialization is Supply of Manpower .

Interocean Personnel Services , USA

Manufacture and Supply and of Water & Waste Water Treatment Equipment.

Severn Trent De Nora, USA

Supply of manpower.

Hill Mcglynn, USA

Shenzhen Horad Electronic Technology, Development Company Limited

Shenzhen Horad Electronic Technology, Development Company Limited. China.

Desiring, Production and Servicing of Parking Meter, Designing of Car Audio Equipment